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Contrary to popular belief, nobody knows it all. But… | September 11, 2009


In my last article, I mentioned that I have reached a point in my life where it is time for me to share what I have learned with those who may benefit from my experiences and the experiences of my business associates.

It is my hope that while you browse my web site you will gain some type of knowledge during your visits that you can take with you and share with others.

I am sure you will enjoy an excerpt of an article I wrote two years ago. It describes some of my beliefs and what has me motivated to develop the internet side of my consulting business.

Every successful businessperson I know selects and passes their knowledge on to individuals they have faith in.  I have faith in humanity and believe that every living person on Earth is capable of achieving whatever he or she desires.

The key to success is in having faith in others.  Contrary to popular belief, nobody knows it all.  But a carefully selected group of associates do.  Having faith in others who have the resources and expertise needed to accomplish the goal is the key to success.

It is my belief that everyone has the capability to control one’s own destiny.  When a person sets a goal, creates a plan to accomplish that goal, and takes action to accomplish that goal… they are creating their own destiny.

I am a firm believer in accomplishing goals that will improve the quality of life here on Earth.  I encourage each person to develop something.  Take an active effort to improve your personal life, your business life and your social development interests.

Read a book.  Take a college course.  Help someone learn what you know.  Support a worthy cause.  Volunteer.  Visit new places.  Help someone less fortunate than you.  Expand your range of interests.  Listen to others. Share a smile with someone.  Improve your job performance.  Invest wisely.  Start your own business.  Spend time with your family.

Destiny means different things to different people.  In my case, Destiny is also my granddaughter’s name.  Destiny symbolizes a new development project in action.  Her own personal development.

She is very active developing her personal and social skills and knowledge.  Destiny is a little over a year old and is showing amazing progress in her accomplishments every day.

Destiny’s birth got me to thinking that no matter what I have learned during my lifetime, it is all for naught if I die before I can teach others what I have learned.  I feel as if a part of me will escape the grave when someone learns something from what I share.

The Internet allows me to reach out to a seemingly unbelievable number of people by posting one article at a time for as long as I have something to share or until my spirit steps out of my body, whichever comes first.

It has been a busy two years. Both for my business activities and for my family. I now have a second granddaughter. She was born about two months ago. Time sure flies when you’re living a productive life.

Destiny’s birth was the motivation I needed to implement my plan to assist as many novice real estate developers as possible by posting articles on the internet that can be accessed by you and your associates when you choose.

Leann’s birth reminded me to look for this article and share it with you (and with whomever you trust to enjoy it as well).

Advocating Your Success,

Girard Frank Bolton, III.

Development Consultant


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